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Welcome to our Neurodiverse Entrepreneur Resources & Services page! We understand that entrepreneurship is a diverse landscape, and we are committed to providing valuable support, services and resources specifically tailored to neurodiverse individuals.

At Virtually Sharlin, we recognise and celebrate the unique strengths and perspectives that neurodiverse entrepreneurs bring to the business world. We believe in fostering an inclusive and empowering environment that enables neurodiverse individuals to thrive as successful entrepreneurs or leaders in business!

On this page, you will find a collection of services & resources designed to assist neurodiverse entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. Whether you are just starting out, navigating the corporate world, looking to refine your business skills, or seeking guidance on specific challenges, our curated selection of services & resources is provided with YOUR NEEDS in mind.



Supporting Neurodiverse Individuals on the Journey in the Corporate World or your business


As a Neurodiverse Employee – We foster collaboration with your employer, acting as a liaison to promote understanding and advocate for your needs. We bridge the gaps by partnering with HR departments and management to create a supportive and inclusive work environment that values neurodiversity. Rest assured, we ensure that you have all the necessary support you require.


As a Neurodiverse Business Owner – Much like our other packages, we provide Executive Virtual Assistant services, assisting with the running of your day-to-day business on a retained monthly basis.

Our services include, but are not limited to:


  • Support with Documentation: Starting a new role or running a business can be overwhelming, so we offer assistance with paperwork. Our dedicated team is here to help clarify any confusing paperwork. If you’re an employee, our goal is to ensure that you understand company policies and seamlessly integrate into your new position.


  • Communication Assistance: We help bridge communication gaps, enabling you to effectively express your needs and concerns to your employer or colleagues. We understand how challenging it can be to communicate your unique challenges to others.


  • Customised Workplace Accommodations: Your unique needs matter to us, and we work closely with you or your employer to identify and implement workplace accommodations. Whether it’s adjustments to your work environment, flexible scheduling, assistive technologies, or other suitable adaptations, we’re committed to enhancing your comfort and productivity.


  • Sensitivity to Sensory Challenges: We understand that sensory sensitivities can pose challenges in a corporate environment or your business. That’s why we work alongside you or your employer to provide guidance on managing sensory overload, advising on sensory-friendly workspaces, and developing strategies to minimise distractions and promote focus with our resources.


  • Efficient Task and Time Management: Staying organised and meeting deadlines is essential, and we’re here to support you in developing effective task and time management strategies, and if you are a business owner, we remove the burden by doing this for you, by prioritising your tasks, managing your workload for you, and reducing stress.


  • Promoting Work-Life Balance: We emphasise the importance of work-life balance to you or your employer and help you establish healthy boundaries. Our support includes proving resources time management strategies, stress management techniques, and self-care practices aimed at maintaining your well-being and preventing burnout.


  • Collaboration with Employers: We collaborate with your employer, acting as a liaison to promote understanding and advocate for your needs. We work closely with HR departments and management to create a supportive and inclusive work environment that values neurodiversity.


  • Continued Support: Our commitment doesn’t end with the onboarding process. We provide ongoing support, regularly checking in to address any concerns, offer guidance, and ensure your continued success in the workplace.

As a dedicated team of virtual assistants specialising in supporting Neurodiverse individuals, we wholeheartedly strive to meet all of your unique needs. We understand that each person’s journey is different, which is why we offer personalised packages designed specifically for you.


In the rare instances where we might be unable to provide the exact assistance you require, we have established partnerships with various organisations. By collaborating with them, we ensure that every aspect of your needs is always met.


We firmly believe that every Neurodiverse individual deserves the utmost support and understanding. To explore how we can best assist you and to receive a personalised quote, we invite you to schedule a discovery call with us TODAY! 


Your journey to enhanced support starts now!

Access to Work

Access to Work: Empowering Your Journey in Work and Life

Experience the support you need through Access to Work, a UK government-funded grant designed to enhance your personal and professional endeavours. From Virtual Assistants to Business Support, ADHD Coaching, workplace assistance, and other essential tools, Access to Work provides comprehensive resources to navigate the complexities of life and business.


The best part? You don’t need a diagnosis to apply! This inclusive grant ensures equal opportunities for all individuals seeking support.


At Virtually Sharlin, we understand the Access to Work process inside out. We specialise in helping individuals like you complete the application form and access the support you deserve. Our expertise ensures a smooth and efficient process, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your journey to success.


Don’t let the lack of support hold you back. Let Virtually Sharlin assist you in completing the Access to Work form and unlock a world of opportunities without limitations.

Apply today and discover the transformative power of Access to Work with Virtually Sharlin by your side.


It’s simple, just click the link below to complete the application and if you need assistants with this, book a call with me TODAY!


In this section, you will find a range of downloadable resources designed to enhance various aspects of life, including productivity, self-care, communication, and personal growth. These resources have been thoughtfully selected to cater to the unique needs and strengths of neurodiverse individuals, providing practical tools and insights to help navigate daily challenges and unlock hidden potential.

How to Nail Communication with Neurodiverse Individuals:

Your Collaborators Playbook

How to Herd The Clocks & Tame Your Schedule with Neurodiverse Brilliance:

The Essential Time Managment Checklist for Neurodiverse Professionals

Embracing The Power Of AI:

Transforming Support for Neurodiverse Individuals