Virtually Sharlin

Virtual Assistant


If you want to control the chaos of managing client interactions. Then leave it to me, and let me handle it for you. Managing your customers across various platforms can be a full-time job in itself, especially when it comes to social media. With customer experience services I can help you to develop a unique communication style that appeals to your customers, in your brand voice, across all your desired platforms in real-time. Creating a customer experience that keeps your customers coming back.


Eliminate client chaos and dazzle with your business savvy. I’m your go-to gal for seamless onboarding and an unforgettable client experience. With an all-in-one solution, focus on your zone of genius while I handle the work. Make me your WINGWOMAN today!



  • Customer Journey Mapping, including a review of systems and processes
  • Customer Outreach & Engagement –  Provide support for customer outreach and engagement through various platforms such as LinkedIn with personalised messages and emails
  • Customer Experience Management – Onboarding and Offboarding – Managing the customer journey from start to finish – From signing the contract, and setting up the projects, to getting positive feedback once they offboard
  • Membership & Community Management – This can include managing the customer’s account information, billing and payments, communications, being present within the community and access to products or services
  • Acquiring, Setting Up, & Maintaining Tech Tools & CRM – This involves exploring alternatives to existing tools and managing data entry.
  • Customer Feedback & Satisfaction Tracking
  • Assist with Up-Selling & Cross-Selling Strategies
  • Social Media Management – Responding to comments and messages, uploading posts with written content, repurposing post, general social media engagement
  • Website Management – (e.g. content updates, responding to queries)
  • Course Management – (e.g. course creation, enrolment, progress tracking)
  • Product Launches – Assist with product launches by providing support in areas such as planning, execution, and follow-up activities.
  • Marketing & Newsletters – Assist with email marketing and newsletters (Copy to be provided)
  • System & Processes – Reviewing and identifying weaknesses and areas for improvement in the system and processes, and implementing effective and seamless solutions.
  • Surveys & Customer Research
  • Reference Management & Customer Testimonials
Customer Success


£ 35
As and when you need

The Helping Hand

£ 350
10 Hours Per Month

Your Side-kick

£ 450
15 Hours Per Month

Your Business Bestie

£ 600
20 Hours Per Month

Hey there! I’m glad you’re interested in working with me. To make sure we’re the right fit for each other, I’m offering a one-month trial for our first retainer package. We can move forward with a fixed monthly term if everything goes well. And don’t worry, if you need more time or want to make some adjustments to the package, I’m happy to work with you to customise it to your specific needs. Just keep in mind that any unused time won’t carry over to the next month.

"Perhaps you have something a little unusual, I love unusual. Arrange a discovery call to get a tailor-made package for you!"

"Perhaps you have something a little unusual, I love unusual. Arrange a discovery call to get a tailor-made package for you!"