Virtually Sharlin

Virtual Assistant


Want to look good in your business, leaving a lasting impression? Picture having your own dedicated Executive Assistant who knows your business inside out, acting as the face of your brand. With my team of Virtual Assistants, we ensure you always look good. Effortlessly manage your schedule, communication, and the important stuff. Stand out from the crowd and let us take care of the rest!



  • Calendar and Schedule Management: Effectively manage the executive’s diary, schedule appointments, and coordinate meetings, ensuring optimal time management
  • Travel Arrangements: Handle all aspects of travel planning, including booking flights, accommodation, transportation, and visa arrangements, ensuring seamless and hassle-free travel experiences
  • Communication and Correspondence: Manage and prioritise incoming emails, calls where necessary, and other forms of communication, drafting responses and ensuring timely and effective communication on behalf of the executive
  • Meeting Coordination: Coordinate and schedule meetings, prepare meeting agendas, take meeting minutes, and follow up on action items, ensuring productive and well-organised meetings
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection: Maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive information, handle data protection requirements, and ensure compliance with relevant legal and organisational policies
  • Document and Presentation Preparation: Assist in preparing reports, presentations, and other documents, ensuring accuracy, professionalism, and adherence to company standards
  • Project and Event Support: Provide support for special projects, events, and initiatives, including research, coordination, and logistics management, to ensure successful execution
  • Relationship Management: Build and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders, acting as a liaison between the executive and key contacts
  • Organisational Support: Provide general administrative support, such as filing, expense management and record-keeping, to ensure smooth operations
  • Problem-solving and Decision-making: Assist the executive in problem-solving, critical thinking, and decision-making processes, providing insights and recommendations based on thorough analysis and understanding
Virtual Assistant


£ 35
As and when you need

The Helping Hand

£ 350
10 Hours Per Month

Your Side-kick

£ 450
15 Hours Per Month

Your Business Bestie

£ 600
20 Hours Per Month

Hey there! I’m glad you’re interested in working with me. To make sure we’re the right fit for each other, I’m offering a one-month trial for our first retainer package. We can move forward with a fixed monthly term if everything goes well. And don’t worry, if you need more time or want to make some adjustments to the package, I’m happy to work with you to customise it to your specific needs. Just keep in mind that any unused time won’t carry over to the next month.

"Perhaps you have something a little unusual, I love unusual. Arrange a discovery call to get a tailor-made package for you!"