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Grow your business, not your to-do list!

Small Business Sunday
Small Business Sunday
Small Business Sunday

STOP doing everything YOURSELF, whilst still being able to remain a PROUD BUSINESS OWNER with Virtually Sharlin & Co!

Sharlin Bissick

Neurodiverse & Small Business Online Business Manager (OBM) and Virtual Assistant – Bringing Structure to Your Chaos!


Hey Small Business Owner,

Have you been running your business alone for some years? You’ve got all sorts of tools, systems, and admin work? Your business has blown up, and you’re drowning in demand, which is great, you know you need to bring someone on board, but you’re hesitating because you’re feeling somewhat ashamed about how disorganised things have gotten. You’re thinking, ‘I’ll sort this out myself first, get all those processes in place and then get someone in.’ The longer you waited, the worse it got, and you’re losing out on business left and right because you’re struggling to keep on top of things. It’s like a never-ending cycle because now you need someone to manage YOU before you can manage someone else.

Sound like you? Don’t worry; it’s a common challenge many small business owners face. Your dream has become a reality, but along with it came unexpected behind-the-scenes challenges that might have slipped through the cracks. It’s time to shed that feeling of shame! This is where a Virtual Business Manager or Assistant comes to the rescue. At Virtually Sharlin, we specialise in transforming chaos into order, relieving you of unnecessary stress. We’re here to organise your files, discover that one magical tool, or set up some time-saving automations to bring the structure back into your business.

But here’s the twist: We don’t just tick the boxes on your to-do list; we think before you do! Consider us your true business partner, not just a manager or assistant, we have an understanding of your unique needs and adapt to your way of thinking.

Let’s start this journey together, enhancing your business while you focus on what you do best!

Virtual Assistant

Meet your new virtual WINGWOMAN & business BESTIE.

Sharlin Bissick

Creative Virtual Assistant & Customer Experience Specialist
As your Creative Virtual Assistant & Customer Experience Specialist, I will be your personal sidekick & business bestie, who possess a zenlike calm while sorting through the logistics and actioning a series of your requests, when it all gets overwhelming in your business. Someone you can lean on and trust, leaving you with many Woosah moments, giving you time to take care of your mental health and well-being.

Ask yourself this...

  • Are you exhausted from wearing 5 hats in your business, with no time for yourself or to do the things you do best?
  • Do you need a soundboard to discuss your ideas with someone that has the time to listen and help turn them into achievable goals, with a strategic plan to execute them?
  • Are your biggest weaknesses getting organised, administration, creativity, the techie stuff, and implementing systems & processes?
  • Do you want to increase your customer base and retention but don’t have the time and resources for customer outreach and success?
  • Are you struggling to create a cohesive brand representation and customer journey across all platforms?
  • Are you ready to expand your team, take your business to the next level, and achieve success?

If you’re screaming “YES!” – Then these services are for YOU.

Let’s take your business to the next level while keeping everything under control behind the scenes, without sacrificing your time and sanity.


Last year, my client Alex, a fashion coach, came to me seeking assistance in expanding her business. I utilised my expertise in customer success, digital services, and outreach services to help her achieve her goals. By implementing effective marketing strategies, streamlining her customer service processes, and expanding her outreach efforts, we were able to drive significant growth for her business. I also took on many administrative tasks and customer support, which gave Alex the time and resources to focus on coaching her clients. As a result, Alex's business expanded faster than she had anticipated, she was able to surpass her targets and even outpace some of her competitors. However, as her business grew, it became clear that she would need ongoing support to manage her expanding to-do list and maintain her success, becoming an entrepreneur without the Solo. I continue to work with Alex to ensure her business continues to thrive while also giving her the time to coach her clients.

Case Study


For Neurodiverse & Small Business Owners to stop burning out and start accelerating!


Digitial Design

 Think of me as your personal stylist, but with digital design, working behind the scenes to keep your business looking sharp and on point TODAY!


Customer Success

Need a Wingwoman, your go-to gal for all things client care and generating leads? I make onboarding seamless and effortless, plus I light up your client experience like a fireworks display. So make me your WINGWOMAN today!


Executive Assistance

Make an impact, and leave a mark! Your very own dedicated Executive Assistant, the ultimate brand ambassador. With our team of Virtual Assistants, we ensure you shine. Seamlessly handle your schedule, communication, and vital tasks. Stand out, let us handle the rest!


Done For You Services

Tired of Tech Troubles? Say goodbye to tech woes and hello to tech joy. If the techie stuff isn’t your thing, why not leave it to me? I can make those techy tasks a breeze, transforming your biz with a brand-new online aesthetic

Client Love!

Ready to LEVEL up your BUSINESS WITHOUT Working more?

Ready to LEVEL up your BUSINESS without working MORE!